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A collaboration between artist Manuel Solano and director Damien Moreau.


A 'child of the night' has grown tired of their monotonous existence, spending each day and night wandering the earth consuming human blood for sustenance. They crave authentic connection—a purpose—to rationalize this routine, regardless of the fact that they exist as a creature with no heartbeat, no memories, and no identity.


The genetic material they consume from a host contains stories, feelings, and fragments of human existence that they attempt to piece together to form a semblance of the human experience. They initially explore this information with curiosity and affection—an intense longing to feel more than what seems possible. But as the years pass, these fragments of human life begin to form a reality more bleak and disconnected than their own.


Is a collaboration between artist Manuel Solano and director Damien Moreau. This short form video documents Solano's first steps into the salty waters of the Pacific ocean since after the loss of his sight, due to health complications incurred by the aids virus, while he recounts the events that brought him there.

to lose yourself is eternal


This allegorical collaboration between artist Manuel Solano and director Damien Moreau explores the desire to be wanted, touched and seen by the self and the physical world; an interpretation of joy.


A joyride through nature finds two people in an awkward flirtation that leads to an unclear outcome.



A four episode mini-series exploring the idiosyncrasies of gender and sexuality as told through the experience of five people.


Damien waits to catch a train in the cold when he spots a handsome traveler [Ryan Patrix] across the platform. The man  drops his hanky, provoking Damien, but when he looks up the man is gone and the train is off to its next destination. So is Damien as he slips in and out of a fantasy induced by the mysterious passenger's silky souvenir.